Innovation in Municipal Finance

We offer a number of unique and innovative municipal finance
investment opportunities through Fulton Partners Investments, a division of GVC.
Our investor clients are primarily municipal bond investors with the objective of receiving a
higher than market interest rate as a result of investing in emerging
municipalities and unique infrastructure finance.

Providing High-Yield Opportunities for the Experienced Investor

We structure and market tax-exempt bonds which typically are
obligations of unique or emerging residential and commercial developments seeking
to finance their water, sewer, recreation and other public facilities which are
deeded to the town or metropolitan district.

In addition, GVC also issues bonds that participate in the
gross profits of the development, acting as lenders for those improvements that are
not deeded to the town. Investors receive a percentage of the land sales.

Our municipal bond investors receive higher interest rates than
those normally experienced in the general market because of their willingness to
invest in bond issues which are expedited as early stage “private placements.” These
individuals qualify as investors who generally understand the dynamics of a real
estate project and the possible need to consensually change terms in order to
optimize the success of the project. Using this method, we have privately placed
numerous successful special need bond issues for The City and County of Denver, The City of
Colorado Springs and other Colorado front range political subdivisions.

Maximizing Your Choices

The division closely monitors many existing higher yielding
opportunities in the secondary market. The administration of our client portfolios
is achieved through our proprietary bond portfolio management system, called Bulls
Eye®. This relational database allows us to quickly analyze large numbers of bond
investments in our clients’ portfolios, subject them to various yield curve stress tests,
and present them in a clear and concise manner.