Mergers & Acquisitions

How can GVC help you today to achieve your goals of tomorrow?

Whether you are contemplating the sale of part, or all of
your company, or are interested in acquiring another entity, GVC’s merger and
acquisition professionals are here to help. Working with buyers and sellers, we
provide a wide range of strategic services to meet your needs, including valuation
services, transaction assistance and advice, and strategic consulting after
transaction completion. In addition, as a NASD registered broker-dealer, we
maintain an active dialogue with both publicly traded and privately held companies,
broadening the universe of candidates available to you. We also maintain an
affiliate relationship with a respected real estate brokerage, and are
qualified to provide an array of commercial real estate brokerage and advisory
services as part of an overall merger or acquisition engagement. Our
goal in working with our clients is simple: to help clients realize maximum value
while minimizing their risk in every transaction.

Plying the waters of the merger and acquisition market alone can
prove to be a time-consuming and difficult process. Are market conditions ripe for
consolidation in your sector? Are you in a position to contemplate a transaction?
How will you contact potential candidates while running your business
day-to-day? Who will help you negotiate and close the transaction?
Helping you through this process is what our Mergers and Acquisitions division
is about.

Managing Merger and Acquisition Transactions for your Ultimate Benefit

Each merger or acquisition transaction is unique and must be
carefully planned and executed from beginning to end. As a result, our involvement
with you will begin very early in the process. We will first meet with you
confidentially to help you assess your current conditions, your position in the
market, and your strategic plans and goals for the future.

If entering into a transaction is warranted, we will then help
you carefully assess and evaluate your strategic alternatives, and choose the one
that is right for you. Based on the alternative chosen, we will then create and
execute a detailed, confidential plan to (a) identify and evaluate potential merger
or acquisition candidates, (b) develop a dialogue and negotiation between you and
select candidates, (c) assist you throughout those negotiations, (d) propose and
help you evaluate acquisition structures driven toward representing your best
interests in the transaction, and (e) manage the successful completion and closure
of the transaction on a timely basis.

Providing Unique Mergers and Acquisitions Opportunities for GVC clients

Our independence and the full service nature of our product
offering allows GVC to bring unique advantages to our clients. Because we are an
independent investment bank, the only constituency we serve is our clients. And,
as a full service investment bank serving both public and private companies, we have
greater access to market opportunities and the capital to fund those opportunities.
For our buying clients this means we can bring unique funding options to
transactions which traditional merger and acquisition intermediaries cannot.
For our selling clients, this means we bring a greater understanding and depth of
experience in marketing the sale of the company’s stock (in a public or private
transaction), or its assets (in whole or in part).

It also means we bring expertise to a transaction to help ensure
that a company is marketed broadly, yet driven to target the intended audience, and
in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Securities and Exchange
Commission (which governs the sale of both public and private securities).

For more information, please contact: Richard Huebner 720.488.4719 or Kent Lund 303.921.4388