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Company Description

Founded in 1995, GVC Capital LLC is an innovative, boutique investment banking firm headquartered in the Denver suburb of Greenwood Village, Colorado. GVC focuses principally on providing comprehensive investment banking services to underexposed small public and private companies and seeks to develop long-term relationships with its clients. Over the past twenty years, GVC has assisted emerging public and private companies in raising in excess of $700 million in over 100 transactions. GVC also provides mergers and acquisitions advisory services to company sellers and buyers.

GVC endeavors to be a premier investment banking firm servicing the fast-growing yet underserved emerging company market. GVC provides its emerging company clients, generally defined by GVC as publicly-traded or privately-held companies with a market capitalization or shareholder value, respectively, of less than $400 million, with a broad range of financial and other professional services.

GVC’s professional services principally include:

  • Public and Private Company Capital Formation
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Strategic and Financial Consulting
  • Retail Securities Brokerage Services

GVC has nationwide investment banking experience in a wide variety of industries, reflecting GVC’s emphasis on pursuing attractive opportunities regardless of industry type or geographic region. GVC’s principals have worked in the financial services industry an average of 35 years, and collectively have managed over 250 transactions. This extensive experience is invaluable to efficiently and effectively addressing and solving the unique challenges faced by each of GVC’s clients.

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To review the background of GVC and its professionals, please visit www.brokercheck.finra.org.