Capital Raising

GVC’s experienced registered professionals help GVC’s legal entity clients raise funds to grow and support their businesses. Depending on each individual client, funds can be raised in the form of equity, debt, convertible debt or a combination of any of these financial instruments.

The legal and regulatory requirements applicable to capital raises often are complex and nuanced: they vary depending on the specific circumstances of each particular capital raise. GVC’s registered professionals have deep experience with a wide variety of capital raising transactions, and they work closely with GVC’s client, its attorneys and accountants regarding appropriate transaction structuring.

In the capital raising transactions for which GVC provides professional services, GVC works almost exclusively with accredited investors as defined by U.S. securities laws, rules and regulations. GVC does not engage in general solicitation or general advertising regarding any private capital raising transaction.

Frequently, GVC is asked by a variety of professional investors including family offices, private equity funds, hedge funds and high net worth investors to advise them of potential transactions of which GVC becomes aware. GVC regularly works with such professional investors, most or all of which independently analyze and make independent decisions regarding whether or not to pursue any of the potential capital raising transactions that GVC may bring to their attention.