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Our Team: Investment Bankers


Richard Huebner
Senior Managing Partner
Commitment Committee Member

Dick joined GVC in October of 2001 in a management capacity to plan and facilitate its growth. He now serves as the Co-Head of Investment Banking and is a member of the Commitment Committee. He has been in the securities industry for nearly 30 years. His experience includes General Counsel for Hanifen, Imhoff, Inc. from January 1984 through September 1995. While at the firm, he served in numerous positions including E.V.P., Director, and member of the Executive Committee of Hanifen, Imhoff Holdings, Inc. In 1995, Dick became an E.V.P., Director and member of the Executive Committee of Hanifen, Imhoff Clearing Corporation, which was sold to Fiserv, Inc., in December 1997. He continued in those capacities for Fiserv Correspondent Services. Dick received a BA in Economics and Business Administration from Hastings College and a J.D. from the University of Nebraska.

Raoul Clark
Investment Banking

Raoul Clark joined GVC Capital in October, 2018 as Managing Director, Capital Markets.  Prior to joining GVC, Raoul was Managing Director, Institutional Sales from 2001 to 2018 for D.A. Davidson’s Equity Capital Markets team. In addition, Raoul served as D.A. Davidson’s Head of Institutional Sales from 2013-2017. Prior to joining D.A. Davidson, he worked as a Senior Institutional Salesperson for Tucker Anthony and Hanifen Imhoff.  Before entering the investment business, Raoul served for 17 years as CEO and President of Clark Graphics Corporation in Huntsville, Alabama. Raoul holds a bachelor’s degree in history from the University of Virginia, where he played on the varsity tennis team.  Raoul has been active on the Board of Directors of the Denver Children’s Home for over nine years, and served as its President in 2017.


Randy Swenson
Investment Banking

Randy has over 25 years of experience in strategic consulting, mergers and acquisitions, and investment banking, and over ten years of experience in executive management.  Prior to joining GVC Capital, Randy spent time at Hilman Ventures, Mercer Management Consulting, Corning, American Management Systems, and Oberon LLC.  Randy focuses on life sciences mergers and acquisitions and investment banking.


Kent Lund
Interim CEO and CCO
Commitment Committee Member


Kent  is GVC’s interim CEO, Co-Head of Investment Banking (with Dick Huebner) and Co-CCO (with Andrea Kidd).  Since late 1998, Kent has worked principally in the securities and financial services business, serving in a variety of business, compliance and legal roles.   For example, he has served as a Director, executive officer, CCO and/or General Counsel of: a NYSE member securities clearing firm; a full service B/D, and its two affiliated RIAs and trust company; a municipal securities-focused B/D, and its affiliated investment banking firm and RIA; a retail-focused independent contractor-model B/D; and an investment banking firm focused principally on M&A.  Kent holds currently or has held previously nine securities licenses: Series 7, 9, 10, 14, 24, 53, 63, 66 and 79.  Prior to entering the securities business, Kent clerked for two federal court of appeals judges, worked as an associate attorney in a large private law firm (litigation and employment departments), and worked as an in-house corporate attorney for a large multinational corporation (including completing two expatriate assignments).  He holds J.D., M.B.A. and LL.M. (in Entrepreneurial Law) degrees.  Kent currently serves as a member (and Vice Chair) of the Colorado Securities Board, and as an independent director (and member of the Audit Committee) of a large private, P/E-controlled wireless internet services provider.





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